Fall risk

Changes in gait are associated with an increased risk of falls.

*Older adults who have a wider base of support or shuffling gait while walking are at a higher risk of falling than those with a normal gait



어지럼증과 근감소증은 낙상 발생 확률을 각각 12배1), 3배2)까지 높일 수 있습니다.

1) "Survey Suggests Higher Risk of Falls Due to Dizziness in Middle-Aged and Older Americans", Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2009

2) Visser, Marjolein, and Laura A. Schaap. "Consequences of sarcopenia." Clinics in geriatric medicine, 2011


Gait patterns are analyzed to assess the risk of fall and sarcopenia.

*Accuracy: Fall risk (90.5%), Sarcopenia (71.4%)

*Training dataset: Gait patterns (with IMU sensor) from 1,396 people