• Estabilishment of Spidercore Incorporation
    (July, 2020)


  • Signed MOU with "Kosin Hospital" and "Gilon Corp."
    (Clinical practice and validation smart healthcare solutions, Febuary, 2021)
  • Selected as the Top 1000 Innovative Companies / Certified as Venture Company
    (May, 2021)
  • Raised Seed Investment / Selected for an R&D Project
    (September, 2021)
  • Signed MOU with "CHA University"
    (AI solution for drug development and side effect prediction, September, 2021)
  • Joint Research Agreement with "Philopos Corp."
    (Smart screening system for on-site OCT devices, October, 2021)


  • Signed MOU with bio-Corp. "B"
    (Discovery of new therapeutics candidates and development of new drugs, January, 2022)
  • Discovery of 9 hits for IDO1 gene
    (August, 2022)


  • Launched Fundus AI Solution at "Chaum Medical Check-up Center, Samsung Branch"
    (January, 2023)